About David Grossman

DSCF2414David is a Mortgage Agent with Independent Mortgage Advisors Inc. and is licensed to arrange mortgages in Ontario, Canada.  He has been arranging mortgages for more than ten years, working with borrowers and investors.

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“We’ve been investing in mortgages with David for a number of years and have been getting a great return on our money. It has always been important for us to know all the strengths and weaknesses of a loan opportunity so that we can decide if it is right for us. David always makes sure that we have a thorough understanding of every deal. He is a real mensch!”

-Martin & Eva


“We were very pleased with the professional services provided by David Grossman in assisting us in obtaining our mortgage. David was readily available and we were constantly informed with the progress of our application — everything ran smoothly. We are most pleased with the mortgage he was able to arrange for us, his service saving us time and money. We would highly recommend him to others.” 

-Andrea and George Sasaran


“I just spoke with Marsha (Mike’s mother) and she said that they found you very professional and very nice.  As you know it is very hard for a client that is both self-employed and young.  I appreciate knowing that I can send clients to you and you will treat them with respect.”



 “Thank you for taking me through the experience of buying my first home.  Your patience and understanding was greatly appreciated.  All the best to you and your family”

– Marvis Harford


 Residential * Commercial * Industrial * Investment * Construction

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